A Wrap Up Of 2021


2022 brings the start of our 11th year of ministry!

2021 was heavily impacted by COVID. However, we were still able to respond to the Phellem, Alabama tornado as well as some local projects.

COVID seriously impacted operations for well over a year. However, we are excited to announce at the end of 2021 we were donated a dump trailer, tool trailer, and a skid steer. We believe that these donations will be key to being able to engage in fire mitigation for individuals and families without the means to accomplish it themselves.

There was an excellent turn out to help with the clean-out, design, and clean-up of the newly donated tool trailer. The teams were able to install E-Track (mounting track) the length of the trailer on both side of the interior, install interior lights, install some basic electrical for battery chargers, and prime, seal, and coat the floor with anti-skid paint. Work will continue to build and install tool management, shelving for supplies, and a workbench area. We are excited that the trailer will be ready to go before the start of this year’s local season.

The end of 2021 was catastrophic. Hurricane Ida pounded Louisiana in October. December brought tornados that ravaged the southeast, and the worst fire to hit Colorado tore through the Louisville and Boulder areas.
We were unable to make an initial response for Hurricane Ida. When the tornados tore through the southwest we quickly worked to respond, but we were unable to get the logistics worked out for a response to Arkansas or Kentucky. We did get a call to help in Hammond LA for a late response for hurricane Ida. We completed our deployment in Hammond and returned home the 14th of January. The new truck camper made the deployment possible and we could not be more grateful! We now have a 10 day quarantine hold before we can deploy again.

What’s Coming?

Current plans:

  • Evaluating a response to the Marshal Fire in the Boulder area.
  • The official 2022 season starts May 01, 2022.
  • Working to identify and start signing-up fire mitigation opportunities for individuals and families.
  • Anticipating responding to multiple large disasters.