Updates and Volunteer Opportunity – June 2022


We have already completed 45 work orders this year! The team has worked hard to complete both the wind and the snow event work orders. It is always amazing to see how the team works together to accomplish overwhelming tasks with joy and wonderful fellowship.

Our first week responding to the Hermits Peak fire is complete. We are staying in Mora, NM and traveling out to various local areas to sift, clear tree debris, and minister to the people who have lost so much to the fire. We have dropped over 100 trees which we have limbed, bucked, and many are already chipped! Watching all the teams come together has been inspiring. The plan is to return on Sunday, June 26 and engage again in our community Wednesday, June 28th.

There are a couple work orders still open for families whom we started work on their properties and we are working to schedule a return visit to complete.

The truck is out of the shop and ran without issues to get us down to Mora, NM for the Hermit Fire response.

Volunteer Opportunities

There is an opportunity for volunteers to work in the Mora, NM area. Work would include sifting, chipping, dragging branches, and tree cutting. We are currently working as volunteers for Samaritan’s Purse for this effort. If you are interested in volunteering, we will be here until the 26th. You will need to work with Samaritan’s Purse to make your arrangements.

If you are interested you can go to the Samaritan’s Purse webpage at SPVOLUNTEER.ORG and select the HERMITS PEAK FIRE RESPONSE tab. You will be taken to the response page with all of the information and an opportunity to click the RESPONSE button to sign up. This response is about five hours from Colorado Springs so it makes an easy trip.


There are 2 or three work orders open for return visits which are being scheduled. We are hoping to be able to address one or more of these Wednesday June 29th.

We are not planning to work the July 4th weekend or the following Saturday so that everyone has plenty of time with their family over the holiday.

We are scheduling September 3rd and 7th as days off from our work schedule to accommodate for the Labor Day weekend.

Prayer Requests / Praises

We appreciate everyone who prays with us for this ministry and the opportunities to share the good news of Jesus.

Please pray for:

  1. Opportunities to serve.
  2. Safety and travel mercies for the Hermits Peak Fire response.
  3. Wisdom and finances to outfit the skid steer.

Praise God for:

  1. Getting the truck back in service.
  2. Provision of equipment.
  3. Keeping all of the volunteers safe as they continue to serve.
  4. Travel mercies going to and from disaster sites.
  5. HIS great grace, mercy, and provision