Hope Restored

Hope Restored

Hope Restored was established in October 2011 with the mission to bring hope to those in crisis.  The vision of Hope Restored is to minister to those whom we serve, those who serve, and those who observe.  The main function of the ministry is crises relief and disaster relief.  Crises relief is the effort to help a person or family with an event such as a flood or fire, or to help with fire mitigation or small repairs.  Disaster relief is the effort to assist a community affected by a disaster such as fire, flood, or tornado.

Hope Restored is a volunteer-based ministry.  We rely on our volunteers to lead and serve.  We rely on donations to support the budget for fuel, repairs, tools, and supplies.

Hope Restored also provides training and support for churches wanting to start a similar ministry.

Hope Restored believes that our hope is not found in our position, power, possessions, or property.  We believe that our hope is found in a personal relationship with Jesus (1 Peter 1:3-5).  This is the hope that we desire to share and restore as we minister in crises and disasters.

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