Updates and Volunteer Opportunity – June 2022


We have already completed 30 work orders this season! We have been called upon and have responded to the city, county, and United Way to help people with damage from the end of year (2021) wind event, and the Spring snow event.

We received another list from United Way of people who have requested help from the damage of the Spring snow event. We have compiled that list and started mapping out and making appointments for assessments. The current plan is to assess as many as possible on Wednesday and have a workday on Friday (June 3rd) with follow up workdays next week.

The continuing high to extreme fire danger for our county continues to impact our activities. We continually evaluate activity risks such as running equipment. Please pray with us for wisdom as we work through this difficult fire season.

The truck has had some issues and has been in the shop for diagnosis and repairs for two days. Please pray that we will be able to get this resolved affordably and quickly as it is the most critical resource for the ministry.

We are also working to get the equipment trailer in for repairs. A safety inspection revealed that it came to us with a bent axle. So, for the foreseeable future the equipment trailer will be offline as we save up some money to replace the axle and tires. The trailer repair shop has told us that it will be 10-12 weeks or more to get the parts and perform the repairs.

Volunteer Opportunity

We are planning to work this coming Friday and Saturday (June 3rd and 4th) and possibly multiple days next week, in town (Colorado Springs). The plan is to work on the new request for help from the city, county, and United Way. The work will be tree debris clean-up. If you are interested in helping with these new request please let us know your availability so we can get you the details info@hoperestored.org.

Prayer Requests / Praises

We appreciate everyone who prays with us for this ministry and the opportunities to share the good news of Jesus.

Please pray for:

1. Truck repairs. We are unable to work without the truck.

2. Wisdom for our team as we plan, assess, and lead workdays.

3. Safety for our team as we prepare and work.

4. Travel mercies going to and from work sites.

5. Opportunities to share the good news of Jesus.

6. Joy for all of the volunteers who sacrifice their time and energy to come and serve.

7. Continued joy in fellowship as we work.

Praise God for:

1. Provision of tools, supplies, equipment, and volunteers.

2. Keeping all of the volunteers safe as they continue to serve.

3. Travel mercies going to and from work sites.

4. HIS great grace, mercy, and provision.