Newsletter – April 2022


Time is flying by as we continue to prepare for the 2022 season. We have been working on the tool trailer, getting the shop in order so we can work on preparing the saws and sharpening chains, checking inventory and ordering spare parts and snacks (yes, even those impossible to find chocolate Rice Krispy bars that someone looks for every workday…)

We have reworked our work orders and updated our workday process as well.


The tool trailer is about 90% ready to roll. We are planning a work “afternoon” on Thursday, April 21 from 12pm to 3pm.

Here is our current list of opportunities for Thursday:

  1. Input and help on the final setup and loading of the tool trailer.
  2. A donation of very nice hard hats was received and we need one or two volunteers to help get them assembled.
  3. Saw maintenance
  4. Chain sharpening
  5. Review and input on the new workday process
  6. Final trailer readiness checks.

Season Start

The current plan is to start our season on Saturday, May 7th. We have a home with a leaning tree and some yard work, and then we want to get back to the houses which had the wind damage and clear out the heavy wood.

The current plan is to work on Wednesday and Saturday each week with the following exceptions:

  • May 28th and June 1st
  • July 2nd and 6th
  • July 30th and August 3rd
  • September 3rd and 7th
  • October 8th and 12th

We really want to hear your input on this!

Prayer Requests / Praises

We appreciate everyone who prays with us for this ministry and the opportunities to share the good news of Jesus.

Please pray for:

  1. Opportunities to serve.
  2. Wisdom and finances to outfit the skid steer.

Praise God for:

  1. Provision of equipment
  2. Keeping all of the volunteers safe as they continue to serve
  3. Travel mercies going to and from disaster sites
  4. HIS great grace, mercy, and provision