Update and Volunteer Opportunity – May 2022


The weather is finally starting to look like spring! Final preparations are underway for our season start this Saturday (May 7)!

We are planning a wide variety of workdays. One of our projects this year will be firewood. The plan is to work with some of the local churches to help gather and distribute the firewood to families who will need it to heat their homes when winter returns. Our goal is to have these partnerships in place so that the gathering and distribution will be done throughout the season as opposed to all the distribution being done in a single day at the end of the season. If you know someone in need or if your church would like to participate, please let us know!

We are officially in fire season and have experienced dozens of fires as already. This year is expected to be a very high fire danger season. This will impact our activities as we continually evaluate activity risks such as running equipment. Please pray with us for wisdom as we work through this difficult fire season.

Volunteer Opportunity

We will be working this coming Saturday (May 7th) in town (Colorado Springs). Our project will be to help an elderly couple remove a tree that was blown over in the wind storms. We will also be doing some yard clean up. If time permits, we will also help a young widow with some moving. Her family has packed up everything and is transporting it to Colorado Springs. They will be unloading this Saturday. If you are interested in helping this Saturday please let us know so we can get you the details info@hoperestored.org.

A reminder of how workdays function

We work hard to structure the workdays to not only be productive but to be a time of fellowship. Here are a few points to remember:

  1. Let us know you are coming. You will need to call or email us to get the address for the worksite.
  2. Work on your schedule. Come when you can, work at your pace, take breaks when you want, and leave when you want.
  3. We provide water and snacks. We recommend packing a sack lunch.
  4. We will provide the tools for the project on which we are working.

Prayer Requests / Praises

We appreciate everyone who prays with us for this ministry and the opportunities to share the good news of Jesus.

Please pray for:

  1. Wisdom for our team as we plan, assess, and lead workdays.
  2. Safety for our team as we prepare and work.
  3. Travel mercies going to and from work sites.
  4. Opportunities to share the good news of Jesus.
  5. Joy for all of the volunteers who sacrifice their time and energy to come and serve.

Praise God for:

  1. Provision of tools, supplies, equipment, and volunteers.
  2. Keeping all of the volunteers safe as they continue to serve.
  3. Travel mercies going to and from work sites.
  4. HIS great grace, mercy, and provision.