Workdays August 8, 10, & 12, 2017



Update and Workday Announcement
Tuesday, August 8th
Thursday, August 10th
Saturday August 12th

The weather has been much cooler and wetter than normal here in Colorado Springs. We have had to cancel a workday due to safety concerns with wet weather but we are still doing well at keeping up with the list of people requesting help.

This week we will have three workdays which will put us at three different families homes. Our next workdays are this Tuesday, August 8th, Thursday, August 10th, and Saturday August 12th. We will be working on two homes in the city and another home in the Black Forest. The work will consist of taking down trees, cleaning up downed trees, loading tree debris (slash) into a trailer for disposal, and helping with a yard cleanup loading debris into a dumpster.

We still have many projects already on the books with more to be assessed. Please pray about joining us. We work every Thursday and Saturday (with the exception of holiday weekends). Church teams and youth groups are always welcome.

Please let us know if you are available to work Tuesday starting at 9:00 or Thursday or Saturday starting at 08:30. Even if you can only come for part of the day we would love to have you come out and help. Please let us know via email at or via the phone at 719.749.6286 so we can send the details for the day.

Please keep the team in your prayers that God will give them wisdom and opportunity as they work the projects.

As always your prayer and financial support is greatly appreciated.





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