Workdays: August 3 & August 5, 2017



Update and Workday Announcement
Thursday, August 3rd and Saturday August 5th

We have been having a great season. God has demonstrated His great grace and mercy to all of us and those whom we have the privilege to serve! The team has endured some very hot weather and difficult working conditions (steep and uneven terrain). We have also had donations of an ATV (needed for safety and work in the Black Forest area), repairs to the ATV, and finances that have permitted the acquisition of needed tools. We have also had the privilege to use (for free) a large dump trailer for many of our workdays!

Recently we have been able to add another two chain saws to our tool trailer. This has been a tremendous upgrade for us as we have had two saws in the shop for repairs for over three weeks and that would have been a significant detriment to our ability to work. The conditions in which we work are extremely hard on the equipment and the volunteers.

We want to say THANK YOU again for your faithful prayer and financial support!

Our next workdays are this Thursday August 3rd and Saturday August 5th. We will be working on another home in the Black Forest. The work will consist of taking down trees, cleaning up downed trees, and loading tree debris (slash) into a dump trailer for disposal.

We still have many projects already on the books with more to be assessed. Please pray about joining us. We work every Thursday and Saturday (with the exception of holiday weekends). Church teams and youth groups are always welcome.

Please let us know if you are available to work Thursday August 3rd or Saturday August 5th starting at 08:30. Even if you can only come for part of the day we would love to have you come out and help. Please let us know via email at or via the phone at 719.749.6286 so we can send the details for the day.

Please keep the team in your prayers that God will give them wisdom and opportunity as they work the projects.


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