Hurricane Harvey Response Update

Hurricane Harvey Response Update 

We have been closely monitoring the Hurricane Harvey situation and the responses from various organizations. We are currently planning to stay here through the end of October and fulfill the commitments we have made locally.  It is our heart to not send a message to the people to whom we have committed that they are less important than anyone else.  Based on what we know and our past experiences we feel that a late response to Texas will actually have more value.  Here are the reasons:
What We Know
Large disaster response ministries have  deployed resources prior to the storm touching down. They did this to stage the resources as close as possible to the areas that will need help when those areas open. The areas will not open until the storm has passed and the water has receded enough to work this could take days or weeks.

Relief efforts continue being delayed by the weather.  All search and rescue and recovery efforts, as well as infrastructure emergency maintenance, must be completed in any areas where volunteers will be working to assure a safe working environment.

What We Have Experienced
There will be many volunteers for the first weeks of activity.  This will start to taper off as the news dies down.  This will leave a huge gap in volunteer resources for the last few weeks of the clean up effort.  This is where we feel we would be of most value.  This should coincide with the end our our local season and commitments.
Based on these ideas we have started to plan for a late response. If you think you would be interested in November please let us know and we can start planning if we know who and when people are available.


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