October 2016 Workdays




October 2016


Fire Clean Up and Mitigation

We will continue working on a properties in Black Forest that experienced heavy damage in the 2013 fire. There are many trees down that need to be cleared and stacked for chipping.


Upcoming Work:

We are currently scheduled, weather permitting, for workdays on:– Wednesday October 12th
​- Saturday October 15th

– Wednesday October 19th
– Saturday October 22nd
​- Wednesday October 26th
– Saturday October 29th

Help us finish the season strong! Please consider inviting your friends, church, Sunday School or small group, or introducing us to your youth leader.

You can see our current workdays (and sign up) here: Volunteer Opportunities. You are, of course, alway welcome to sign up via email (info@hoperestored.org, or via phone (719.749.6286). ​​


Prayer Requests
Here are the ministry needs for which we are seeking prayer:

  1. Help to wisely discern how to invest our time, resources, and talents.
  2. Opportunities, courage, and success for the volunteers in sharing the gospel through all of the interactions that we have as we serve.
  3. Safety – Much of the work we are doing includes running power equipment including chain saws and chippers. Please pray that God will continue to protect all of us as we work and travel to and from the work sites.
  4. Sourcing – Please pray that God will help us to get into the right places and organizations. Also that He will continue to help us get the donations required for tooling and supplies to support the volunteers in the work.




We have had an excellent year. We have experienced God’s grace and mercy. Please continue to pray for the ministry for travel mercies, provisions, protection, wisdom, and endurance. We have seen God answer prayer after prayer. We want to make sure that we never lose sight that all that has been done has been accomplished through the direct provision of God. God has been our source of strength, protection, and provision. As we move toward the end of this season we want to encourage you to continue to pray for the ministry.

We look forward to seeing you soon!If you have questions about this ministry please feel free to contact us. You can email us at: info@hoperestored.org or call us at: 719.749.6286.

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